Just because we cannot predict when a natural disaster will happen, doesn’t mean we can’t ensure that you are fully prepared if it does.  At Tucker Mill Works, we are here to help you develop an action plan in the event that disaster is approaching and to respond in the wake of even the most devastating situations.

When disaster strikes, you need to be able to salvage as much as possible. We offer several services including:

    • Dehumidifiers and Fans
    • Damage control, clean up and repair
    • Debris Management and removal
    • Roof Tarping
    • Basic Structural Damage Assessment
    • Flood Restoration
    • Washout Renovation

We have licensed adjusters on staff specializing in catastrophic water and wind damage.


Specializing in catastrophic wind, water, and fire damage. For most business and home owners, filing is a rare event. Unfortunately, because individuals don’t need to do so often, it’s easy to find yourself getting the short end of the deal. After all, if you had to file frequent insurance claims, you’d know what to expect and have the benefit of experience.

At Tucker Mill Works, we can help handle your insurance claims to help make your damaged home like new again. We have licensed insurance adjusters ready to write your line-item estimate to help you transition through this overwhelmingly difficult situation as quickly as possible. We will work to get the most out of your insurance claim from your insurance company.